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Yujiangyuan International Apartment is located in 38 Nandier Road (Nandier Malu). If you want to enjoy the beauty of the Pearl River, Jiang bring comfortable breathing, only need to cross the street!

Adjacent to the bustling Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, a variety of dining and entertainment facilities around the idle away in seeking pleasure Goods are available in all varieties.---[View Detail]

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  • beetle_li
    Location is good and convenient, the room was big, safe, recommended occupancy.
  • DannieYu
    Just in time for the fair, couldn't find hotel. This is near the subway station, the room can also, without breakfast.
  • cassie_gd
    Room facilities is very high, is not a restaurant. families can cook, very tall on the toilet, is everybody going to Japan Rob!
  • biaoma
    Because the four booked a suite, but preferably three people have a good feeling, because one is the small bed. room was complete, microwave oven, fridge, washing machine, and dryer are all available. the ointment is not hot enough, wash water is gone, the need to improve
  • brian_miao_2011
    Nice very convenient great room next time take here
  • ceci8006
    Good location
  • youpengmi
    Love the Siemens washing machine in the room, drying and super easy to use. intelligent toilet is also good, but the American standard toilet spray of cold water. room first before the hot water system of study, or washing washing with no hot water again
  • Firenoodle
    Nice, convenient, modern facilities, great service, suitable for holidays.
  • e00804415
    It is not worth the price, not a hotel, apartment
  • d01166648
    Nice apartment hotel, washing machine good! is near from the dock, sit several ship-ferry! great 2 bucks! Metro station is about 500 metres, directly to the airport for 40 minutes, more convenient transportation. next select here. wish there was price.
  • cocoandfang
    Convenient service
  • fwy97
    Suitable for business travel?
  • lionlily
    Is very good
  • vanillafang
    That's good
  • LeslieLoo
    Affordable, cost-effective, can be seen on the Pearl River, the only problem is no breakfast
  • lostguide
    Facilities of the hotel doesn't feel like pics, where travel is convenient, is code head out 2 minutes, downstairs there is a Cantonese Restaurant is also good ... ...
  • lululub
    Location is very convenient for visiting the many bars near the Pearl River restaurant
  • cx1287175724
    All right
  • guojunpeng
    Not so far from Metro station, very easy ... hotel is overall good, stay one or two nights can choose
  • dandanyefeng
    Super high cost performance!? Next to certain hotel room!
  • mxm1201
    River can be seen, but no, 20:30 building has been loud, want to stop when I am going to sleep, o tea next to the hotel is very good, environment, 17:00 to taxi back to the hotel from the train station, fully hit his car, or else do not hit the table, say near the hotel too heavy next time may not be taken into account here
  • diwenxian
    First, health is clean, and facilities is complete, electrical are is is easy of. and room type is not is narrow, two a people live also is spacious of. room in has WiFi, TV of quality also is good of. some room see out of is Riverview some see out is city King, around has many Guangzhou family. most important of is, hotel lots is good, downstairs is 7-11, along Avenue, go two step is Beijing Road, Metro station and so on, traffic convenient and downtown, people many, isSafe.
  • ada148
    Very nice apartment, feeling at home, need to stay
  • BriseisG
    Facilities, convenient, convenient, good location!
  • Magic
    Surrounding environment can be really convenient, room implementation is quite new, there have been several in the sorry night flying animals.
  • lmyanyan99
    Very suitable for
  • GEF119
    Nice hotel, beautiful, bright and spacious. next to live here.
  • aidy830330
    It wasn't too bad
  • ltsgoo2003
    Very close to the Metro station, near the restaurant. at Pearl River Bridge lights in the 22:30 pass, photos to pay attention
  • linbaby1126
    So much better than expected, and came back feeling in Hong Kong is much too large for the room, Deluxe, smart toilets and praise one!
  • MioArsenal
    Great service, Pearl River for a walk in the evening, the geographical position is OK, that is beside the old influence beautiful
  • leatium
    Great location, on the edge of Beijing Road, pedestrian street of Beijing Road 5 minutes. Riverview sees little front along the building stopped.
  • amy2011
    Hotel location is good, adjacent Pearl River, around downtown, but hotel is make in the take static, around has 2 article Metro line, airport bus is direct of, to which are is convenient, go a 1 km on has many famous are snack bar and dessert shop; hotel facilities compared complete, toilet is only, washing machine also is practical with drying function; gas with compared chicken, didn't kitchen to gas stove has what with Ah? shortcomings is bed always has voice not too good, again has is noise really with not is good, itsHe is good, price is also high.
  • e02752749
    good good good good good good good good good good good good good
  • e00003367
    High quality
  • anita_guan
    Very convenient hotel, Guangzhou point every time you come here, like the washing machine in the room, very convenient.
  • endeavor
    Help a friend booked, every time the preferred
  • e03578415
    Directly for hotel! too bad
  • annama
    Very good, leave Word and very close to Beijing Road, and the room is very clean and facilities are fully equipped, TV shows like, is the view of the landscape is a small section of the river.
  • A-mei
    Not on the first day, gave us the next day transferred to the cozy family room, really good! a taxi but this place really troublesome! around there are many delicious! but generally don't go! in addition to playing the rest of the good!
  • M1ss.7
    Which is very nice
  • liuyanping0216
  • tangweiwen451
    The rogue in the history of the hotel, not CHECKIN when staying at the deduction details do not say, but I no YH power, no way to punish corruption is not staying at the room
  • yongyao2008
    Hotel location is good, on in Central Bank site next of South di II road Shang, main road has a brand is find. distance haizhu square and Beijing Road Metro station walk 7-8 minutes can to. I set of is family suite, a freshman small two a room, is clean, facilities also good, offers finished 4,661 days, price is high has, is behind site morning a to at seven o'clock on rumble, on time called early. floor shop no breakfast and parking, but WINS in price and location, next to canThinking of living.
  • guoxi
    Which is very nice
  • maggiex
    Hotel is located in Pearl River along road, took Metro to haizhu square, selected a, export left ahead had Pearl River Bridge bridge end of (out Metro a, export on see don't master line flyover), and along Pearl River side straight line, along the note see has Home Street seafood tea shop (is big and is Mong Kok), continues to forward on has a now ICBC is Central Bank history site, again forward 50 meters on see Royal Jiang Yuan indicates brand has (somewhat like indicates car one-way size brand). hotel must with room card open front desk and elevator acrossBroken door, take the elevator upstairs into the Rock after which the guests quite safe. room health very good, intelligent toilet use. used television network box, takes a bit of practice ability, if room upgrade locks the keys will be complete.
  • connfly
    Other room is still very insecure, even security staff can easily lock on the door and came in, almost scaring! hope will improve!
  • msj2256
    Bad night noise
  • congcongly
    Beginning on the address of the hotel is looking forward to after having a not so good to find some slightly disappointing room was very rich but palatial personal was not too fond of Bay window can see the river.
  • e04654315